Three River Rumble

April 18 & 19  –  Kingston & Harriman, TN

Tim Taylor wins Criterium and 3rd TT Masters 50 – 59!!

Zachary Lowe 3rd Crit/TT and 4th RR Juniors 9 – 14!!

Justin Lowe 5th Crit/6th TT/9th RR Cat 3!


Masters Race Report

The race day started out with a 2.2 mile time trial that was basically flat. Unique thing about a time trial like this is we don’t race this short distance all year. So is like a five-minute interval going as hard as you could with a couple turns. The warm-up was critical, I did about 45 minutes on the trainer before going down for the five-minute race. 3rd place Masters 50+
The 2nd race, criterium was in Rockwood, Tennessee which featured flat .8 mile course with eight turns. 31 masters lined up for the 40 minute, 20 lap race with some great primes to keep us moving. It’s not very often I get to run my 11-23 cassette, but excited about the big ring speed we would be racing at. Like normal we started out at a hard pace and then four laps in the bell rang for a prime that could be worth up to a $100 of swag. The speed picked up around the final corner and a group went for the prime. After they cross the finish line they slowed just a little bit and I attacked. Using the speed of the draft and thinking I would pull a few people with me, but they held back. The field allowed me about five seconds gap and I put in four 27 mph laps with nobody bridging up. The wind down the finish line straight was eating into my energy and I saw they were pulling me back. We still 30 minutes to go I needed to get back in and rest a few laps. The pace continued at the 25 to 27 mph pace for about another five minutes. Two corners before the finish straight I noticed the pack letting up because nobody want to pull into the wind. So I attacked down the right side and took hard the two corners to open up a gap. This time three guys bridged up to me and sat on my wheel for half a lap as I drilled it to stay away. I told them that I needed help and they needed to rotate smooth and we worked away from them. Now upfront we had four different teams represented and I knew some of their other teammates wouldn’t work in the back in pack. We pulled out about a 10 second gap for the balance of the race and held our speed at about 26 mph. We had one guy that was inexperienced and one short pulling with the wind acting like it was a big effort. Both these guys were out of the 40+ group and wouldn’t effect the results, but we needed them, to give Tony Adair and myself a breather. Most of the last ten laps I was on the front out of the last corner into the wind for the finish line. Hard work, but I was taking the primes and setting up how I needed to sprint for the finish. The last lap we slowed a little and I was on the back with two corners to go and the finish straight. The last corner was a little tricky because of the off camber and I wanted to be through it wide open. So I jumped on the back side of the course hitting the front for the second to last corner and then in the block to the last corner Tony and short pull came by and went wide into the last corner. I was in Tony’s draft and pulled past him on the line by inches for 1st in the Masters 50+. 2nd overall in the criterium. With 8 corners per lap we still averaged 25.5 mph for the race.

by Tim Taylor


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Check out the Updated “RACE RESULTS” page!

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Junior Team at Cedar Hill Crit

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Cedar Hill Criterium

April 12, 2015 – Madison, TN

Justin Lowe  Cat 3 – 4th place

Octavio Subia Masters (40-49)  3rd place / Cat4 (3/4)  5th place / Cat4 (4/5) 7th place

Richard Murphy Cat4 (4/5) 3rd place/ Cat4(3/4) 8th place

Randy McKinnon Masters (40-49)  4th place

Cole Davis Juniors (9-14)  3rd place

Hunter Lowrence Juniors (9-14)  11th place

Taylor Murphy Juniors (9-14)  16th place

Chris Winter also raced Cat2 representing Hub City/Lift Center Racing!

Race Report

Octavio and I raced the Cedar Hill Masters and 3/4 and Octavio also hit the 4/5 race. Cedar Hill is a great race course with 4 rollers around about a 1.5 mile loop with the last one leading into a fast downhill sprint. We had the MOAB Masters and I AM contenders along with David Carl Jones. Jones took the lead through the first couple laps at a pretty high pace and as soon as it checked up MOAB started sending guys off the front. Nothing got away for the first 30 minutes but they kept throwing out attacks and finally they went with two guys and one of there 60+ guys got away and stayed. The rest of the race was fairly together and Octavio and I stayed in good position in the top 10. The last lap went hard through the back half and I got railed off into the grass on the last hill, recovered and sprinted through the finish for 12th (4th in the 40s). Octavio got through clean and finished 6th (3rd in the 40s).

Octavio finished the Masters and immediately did the 4/5 race with Richard. Richard finished 3rd and Octavio 7th. I started the 3/4 race with almost 80. I could never get into position to move off the back and the combination corner and hill accelerations wiped me out after 7-8 laps. I rode with a MOAB guy until he quit and then I was pulled. Octavio managed to stay in the middle of the pack and finished 28th overall (5th Cat 4). Justin raced hard and stayed in good position but got pushed off the road at the sprint and rolled in with the pack.

The Juniors showed up with Cole Davis taking 3rd overall, Hunter Lowrence 11th, and Taylor Murphy 16th in the 9-14.

It was a great day of racing and Hub City Lift had some good results.

by Randy McKinnon


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