Stay Calm Race and Cross

Cedar Hill Park near Nashville
November 2, 2013

I traveled to Nashville this past weekend to race the Nashville cross series since the Memphis event did not have any Master’s category.  Funny how they ignore the largest group of licensees in USA Cycling.  We had a large contingent of 45+ riders who went off with an equal number of 35+ riders.  The course was the same as last year and had a nice mix of hills, dismounts, and technical descents.  As usual I got off to a slow start but over the course of the event kept moving up.  Stay Calm and Race Cross 2013With two laps to go I had third place in my sights, but suddenly found myself being overtaken by another rider from behind.  As the two of us battled we overtook third place half way through the final lap.  I felt strong and just knew I could take them in the sprint.  Just before the final stretch we had to make some tight turns in some woods that then emptied out onto pavement to the finish. My tactical error was not taking the lead into the woods as no one had enough pavement to change position before the finish line.  Unfortunately, I ended in 5th place.  I was ultimately happy to finish that high as the oldest rider in the event by far.  Just should have been more aggressive in starting the sprint.  All in all this was a fun event and great course.