I went to Tampa FL area for a few days of sunshine and training.  The weather was warmer, but it rained lightly on all the rides. Saturday had a Road Race of 52 miles north of Tampa in the orange grove area of San Antonio.  The course was rolling like west TN and before the finish with two climbs and then 1 mile flat to line. Their Masters group was a large field of about 50, most of them this was their third race of the season.  The race stay together at a 22 mph pace, each of the small breaks were absorbed until the finish.  I was cautious about my form, toward the middle of the race rolled off with several small breaks, each ran down by the pack.  The last lap three guys got off the front and stayed away to the finish.  As the pack lined out over the last hill I was in good position, about 10th place and at 300 meters the official yelled at that the finish was block on the left side with emergency vehicles. I stood up and looked as the sprint was starting two lanes wide for the fastest through the hole. Thinking about the possible carnage and 16 hour drive home I just cruised in safely, it is a long season.

It is interesting to test your winter training fitness and all the cold rides.  Now to prepare for a hard core, Masters 40+ stage race in AZ in two weeks.