The Valley of the Sun stage race in AZ is well attended event, over 1000 participants. In the 40+ Masters CAT1,2,3,4 we had over 60 riders. It is a Friday morning time trial of 14.2 miles, Saturday morning road race of 52 miles, and Sunday morning criterium.  The West Coast bicycle racers for them it is their third or fourth race of the season.
With travel and logistics concern I only took one bicycle, which hurt me in the time trial and put me toward the end of the leaderboard on day one. The 52 mile road race was basically up-and-down a 3-5% grade mountain four times. Each time up the mountain the pack would drop off a group of riders. Several breaks went up the road, but the pack kept them close for the finish climb. The race officials gave us the last 2 km open road to sprint for the finish. We ended up single file snaking back-and-forth to the line at about 23 mph. The Road Race result brought me up midway on the leaders board.
The Sunday criterium was a figure eight type course with some rough asphalt.  Basically the whole race was held together for a sprint pack finish. I had some misfortune and broke my left crank, since I was within 3 km of the finish they gave me the same finish the pack. This is a nice race to check your fitness against some of the better riders in USA.

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