2013 Tennessee State Time Trial Championships


It was a wet and cold start for the state TT. I showed up early and once I checked in and got my gear in order I started my warm up. I spent about 25 minutes on the trainer and I was debating about what to wear. I ended up using a wind proof undershirt under my skinsuit with arm warmers and full finger gloves, not very aero but it seemed everyone else was bundling up too. I drove the course the day before a few times but it was set up totally different from what i expected. I started off in the small chainring 18 to 19 mph. We started out climbing, I caught my 30 sec guy on the last part of the climb before the turnaround. I started heading back down the hill and the rain really became an issue, I couldn’t see crap so I put my visor up so I could see. I hit the first roundabout pretty fast and kept peddling through using my front break and kept the bike upright by shifting my weight to the left. As I came out of the turn i got back on it and hit the second roundabout. No problems, not as bad as I expected. Going down the hill I hit the last roundabout pretty fast, made it through and stayed on it through the short climb and then a right turn on Hidden Valley Rd. I was able to make some pretty good time here and held a steady pace. I didn’t even think about being wet or cold, no time due to all the concentrating on staying on two wheels. I made it through the turn around and finally got caught an SVMIC rider on the climb back to the turn at the fire station we both were passed by another rider. I kept the SVMIC guy in contact back through the stair step to the last climb. I was concentrating on him so much that I forgot to downshift to the small chainring and kept pushing the big gear on the climb. This screwed my on the last climb before the turn. Either way I kept pushing and started to drop back from the SVMIC rider. I caught another rider on a roadbike, Cannone, I think. Once I made the turn to start the last lap I nailed it down hill and carved the roundabouts. It had stopped raining and I was alot more confident. I got caught by Carpenter, the overall winner, after the Firestation. I kept him in contact until the turn around. On the way back I got caught by Matt Joiner and then at the turn by the Firehouse an SVMIC guy got around me in the turn. I kept this guy in contact and made my way to the finish hoping to stay under 50 minutes but the seconds ticked by and I sprinted up the hill to the finish. 50:46 was my time. I was 8th in the group that included Pro 1, 2,3, and 4 riders. 6th in the 40+ Cat 3,4,5.