2017 Rockabilly Gran Prix


This weekend Lift Center Racing co-organized the Rockabilly Gran Prix with the Marx-Bernsdorf and BPC cycling teams. Thanks to everyone who made this event happen, in particular Matt Joiner and Mark Yoshida from the Marx-Bernsdorf team and Randy McKinnon from Lift Center Racing. Thanks also to all of the great community support and sponsorship in Jackson, without which an event like the Rockabilly Gran Prix would not be possible. 

Below is a brief summary of the races. 24 Lift Center Racing riders participated this weekend, starting with our Juniors:


Our Juniors showed up in force for the road race on Saturday. Taylor Murphy, Jake Pingen, Zach Lowe, Jace Baumgardner, and Ben Andre participated in the road race with Taylor, Jake, Zach, and Ben finishing 1, 2, 3, and 6 in the 9-14 Juniors category and Jace finishing 3rd in the 15-16 category in his very first bike race. Saturday evening all 5 participated in the 5 mile time trial with Jake, Zach, Taylor, and Ben finishing 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the 9-14 Juniors and Jace finishing 1st in the 15-16 Junior category. On Sunday, Jake, Zach, Taylor, and Ben raced in the downtown Crit, finishing 1, 2, 3, and 7 in the 9-14 Juniors category. In the combined Omnium points competition for Juniors 9-18 Jake, Taylor, Zach, and Ben finished 2, 3, 4, and 5th. What a great weekend for the future of West Tennessee Cycling. 

Masters 40/50/60:

In Saturday’s 3 lap (33 mile) road race, Lift Center Racing was represented by 6 riders. Vi Lim, Octavio Subia, Brad Atkins and Tim Taylor finished 6, 11, 14, 16 in the 50+ category and Tom Gee and Wayne Rushing finished 2 and 5 in the 60+ category. In the time trial, Tim and Octavio finished 5 and 9 in the 50+ category and Tom finished 3 in the 60+ category. In Sunday’s downtown Crit, Octavio finished 7th in the 50+ category and Tom finished 2nd in the 60+ category. Overall a strong showing for Lift Center Racing. 

Pro 1/2:

Justin Lowe started for Lift Center Racing in the 65 mile (6 lap) road race on Saturday morning. Unfortunately 1.5 laps into the race a crash occurred, forcing Justin to stop the race. Thankfully Justin is okay. In the 5 mile time trial, Lift Center Racing was represented by Richie Slagle, who finished 2nd in Cat 2. Great racing Richie. 

Cat 3:

Lift Center Racing was represented by David Piercey, Mike Shipley, Terry Boxx, Christian Madrid, Gabriel Rojas, Georg Pingen (and Costa Rican guest Pablo Cascante). The team strategy to send David Piercey off the front from the start played out perfectly (fantastic 55 mile time-trial David) and David won the race. The team worked hard to try to establish a second break, but the race stayed together until the finishing sprint which was won by Georg. Pablo, Gabriel, Mike, Terry, and Christian finished 6, 9, 12, 14, and 16. In the time trial Lift Center Racing swept the podium with Georg, David, and Gabriel. Mike and Terry finished 7th and 8th. In Sunday’s Crit the Cat 3 team was joined by Tim Taylor. The goal was to establish an early break. A few laps into the race, Georg and Carter Jackson (I am Racing) established a break and were soon joined by Gabriel Rojas who bridged the gap. Georg and Gabriel used their advantage in numbers and were able to drop Carter (who finished a strong 3rd), eventually lapping the field and finishing 1st and 2nd thanks to strong team support. Pablo, David, Terry, Tim, and Christian finished 4, 8, 9, 12, and 13. In the combined Omnium points Georg, David, and Gabriel swept the podium with Terry and Mike finishing 9th and 10th. Overall the team was able to  to work together well – great team effort. 

Cat 4:

Lift Center Racing was represented by Bailey Bell, Kyle Dortch, Tyler Porter, and Daniel Butler, finishing 5, 16, 23, and 27 in the 4 lap (43 mile) road race, which ended in a field sprint. In Saturday evening’s time trial, Bailey, Tyler, Daniel, and Kyle finished 3, 11, 17, and 20th. During Sunday’s hot 40 minute Crit the Lift Center Racing riders played their cards extremely well with Tyler finishing 2nd, Kyle 4th, Bailey 8th, and Daniel 15th. In the Omnium Bailey, Tyler, Kyle, and Daniel finished 3, 6, 9, and 15th. Great racing! 

Cat 5:

In the category 5 races Lift Center Racing was represented by Chris Baker and Adrian Parchman. Chris won the time trial, finished 3rd in the road race, and 4th in the Crit, leading to a 2nd place Omnium finish and a fantastic first race weekend! Adrian finished 13th in the Crit. 

Overall it was a fantastic weekend of racing in Jackson Tennessee. And of course, here are some of the highlights from the Kids’ Race: