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Race Report

Tom, Tim, and I raced the Berry Peddler, a 46 mile race with 2 Catagory 2 climbs. We rolled uneventful to the base of the first one at mile 7. The first climb was 3 miles of 7-8% with some 12-15% switchbacks thrown in. Tony Adair went to the front and kicked the pace all the way to the top busting the field. Tom ended up in the 3rd chase group, Tim was in the 4th, I was in the 5th group. I rocked the long downhill, passed the group 4, and caught Tim at the bottom who had left his group. We all decended great! We rode together for 3 miles and were caught by some from the two groups. We worked together to the base of the second climb at mile 29. Climb 2 was a long 4 mile, 5% grinder. Our group split going up and Tim and I both finished the last 15 miles solo. Tom finished 6th overall and 1st in the 60s. Tim and I were both 6th in the 40’s and 50’s. This is a hard race with some real climbing, 4500-ft in 46 miles!

The TT was a 3.5 mile out and back (7 total) with several stinging rollers. Tom finished 1st, I finished 3rd, Tim finished 6th in our age groups.

by Randy McKinnon