27th Annual Outdoors Inc Cyclocross Championship

This past weekend was the 27th Annual Outdoors Inc Cyclocross Championship which is the longest-running cyclocross race in America.   This has always been my favorite race every year because it is on Mud Island’s Greenbelt Park right on the Mississippi River and unlike most races includes a C race for children of all ages allowing for the whole family to participate.  My 9 year old daughter Ainsley placed third right behind my 5 year old son Ben who placed second in the C race!


 Then came the juniors race in which my son Luke placed 3rd which pretty much locks him in for Tennessee’s 10-14 Junior’s Memphis Region jersey winner for this cyclocross season.


Next came the B race where I took second overall right behind Boomer Leupold (a Cx2 racing in the single speed subclass for Outdoor’s Los Locos team) winning the Cx4 subclass.

 Ten minutes later the A race was started including Matt Joiner (a Jackson area rider racing for Marxs-Bensdorf) Richie Slagle, Tom Gee and myself all racing for the Hub City Bicycle/Lift Center team.  I had raced extremely hard during the B race and about half way through the A race when I totally cramped up and was unable to keep Peter Reed (who I had just beaten in the B race) from riding away for first.   I was able to hang on to 2nd in Masters 35+.


 Matt Joiner placed 3rd overall behind a couple of Pro/1/2 riders, Kevin Conerly riding for Gearhead Cyclehouse and Boomer Leopold, winning Cx3!


 Richie Slagle was riding strong as well, working in a group with Hart Robinson who is a previous winner of this Championship race and placed 2nd in Cx3.


Tom Gee at 63 races in the 45+ Masters in Tennessee and secured a second place podium finish, remarkable!  The weather was beautiful and the course was perfect cross.  Thanks to Joe Royer and Outdoors Inc for another great race!



by Patrick Andre