Three River Rumble State Crit

After rising early and driving 4+ hours from West Tennessee to Rockwood, the Lift Center Racing team was ready to kick off racing on a perfect day on the fast and somewhat technical figure 8 course in downtown Rockwood. Our Juniors, Taylor Murphy, Zach Lowe, and Jake Pingen started the day at noon in the 9-14 year Juniors race. They raced hard with Taylor finishing 2nd (silver medal 13-14), Jake 3rd (state champion 9-12), and Zach 4th (silver medal 9-12). Only 30 minutes later, Taylor and Zach competed in their first Mens Cat 5 race!

In the Cat 4 race, Lift Center Racing was represented by Tyler Porter and Richard Murphy. With a few laps to go Richard barely avoided a major crash that took down several racers in front of him. However, it forced Richard to stop, switch wheels and finish a couple of laps behind the field. Tyler finished 11th. In the Cat 3 race, Lift Center Racing was represented by Terry Boxx, Georg Pingen, and Octavio Subia. After a slowish start, the race sped up and Georg got into a 5 person break while Terry and Octavio controlled the field. With a few laps to go, the break dwindled down to 3 riders. In the “final lap sprint” Georg placed second. Justin Lowe placed 18th (12th Cat 2) in a strong Pro/1/2 race which was won off the front by Patrick Walle (I am Racing) and Derek Morgan (Marx Bensdorf).

Masters Races: In a strong Masters 50/60 race, which was won by Dirk Pohlmann (Texas Roadhouse) in a strong solo break away, Lift Center Racing was represented by Tim Taylor, Octavio Subia, Tom Gee, and Vi Lim, who all finished in the main field. Octavio finished 6th in his category (6th 50-54), Tim finished 7th in his category (3rd 55-59), Tom Gee finished 7th in his category (2nd 65-69), and Vi finished 11th in his category (7th 50-54). In the final race of the day, Masters 35/45, starting after 7pm, Lift Center Racing was represented by Terry Boxx and Justin Lowe. After almost succeeding in a late race solo break away, Justin finished 9th (35+) and Terry finished 14th (35+).

Overall, a great day of racing and a good team showing!