Barkley Bootlegger CX Race Report


FL_2013-3601-1Tom Gee took 3rd in Masters 45+, and I took 3rd in Masters 35+ Saturday at the Barkley Bootlegger Cx Race in Cadiz, KY.  I was winning with a nice gap the Cx 4 race with only a 1/2 lap to go when I flatted on a root on the downhill Mountain Bike section running the rest of the way and finishing 7th.

Hub Endurance CX Series #2

After finishing Saturday’s races at the Barkley Bootlegger Cx race in Cadiz, Kentucky (placing 3rd in Master 35+ and flatting in the Cx 4 race); I  headed to Chattanooga for Hub Endurance Cx series #2 at the Booker T. Washington Park placing 2nd in Masters 35+.  The course had a slight downhill road start which bottlenecked into a fairly technical mountain bike trail descent.  Instead of my usual tactic of being one of the first three into the first corner, I stayed back a little allowing me to navigate this technical part of the course carefully.  The descent opened up into the typical thickly grassed area with lots of switchbacks and a sand volleyball court that was put to good use creating three sand pits. This part of the course plays to my strengths, and I started accelerating and taking back places until I was in fourth.  Unknown to me, Thomas “Andy” Baggenstoss (a Cx 2 from Chattanooga) was already off the front with a slight gap.  During the second lap I went ahead and rode up to third sitting on David Hicks (a Cx 2 from GA) wheel for a lap until he unfortunately wiped out on the technical descent.  (He was able to get back on his bike and keep 3rd for the next 6 laps.)   Three laps in and back down on the grassy section was when I first noticed how much of a gap Andy had opened up on the field including me. He continued to work on his gap, and I did the same for the rest of the race.

The technical sections of this course challenged me forcing me to improve my handling skills at race pace.  As before Hub Endurance hosted a great race, and I was pleased with another podium finish for the Hub City/Lift Center racing team.  Thanks Tim, Randy and Alan for getting me kitted up for back to backs days of racing like this weekend.  Next on the schedule is Crossroads Clash #1 in Memphis at Shelby Farms on the 19th!


by Patrick Andre