Berry Peddler RR & TT

Dayton, TN – May 10

Road Race

Tom Gee Wins Masters 60+!

Tim Taylor just off the podium in 4th Place Masters 50+!

Time Trial

Tim Taylor Rips Masters 40/50/60 Bettering 2nd place by 30sec!!

Tom Gee Wins 60+ and 3rd Overall!!

Race Report

Tom Gee and I went to Berry Peddler bicycle races in Dayton Tennessee. The fields were small because of the rain storms. We were fortunate and just had a few sprinkles as we started the road race of a 47 mile journey over the plateau and back. The demanding course was rolling hills and two big CAT2 climbs. The first climb comes a mile seven. It is about a 4 mile climb had an average of 6% grade. In some places the grade went up to 20% in the corners and were slimy and cause wheel slippage. A breakaway of three went on the first climb and Tom and I were in the chase group of three at the top and then three younger guys caught up. They didn’t help with the chase and Tom and I, as teammates, kept taking long pulls. As we descended the mountain I guess we forgot about the slimy conditions. We are heading down at speeds of 40 to 50 mph into hairpin turns. Tom and I were both brake sliding our tires in some of the sharp turns trying to catch the breakaway. We cut into their time gap, caught one that had dropped off, but we didn’t pull them back. The finish is on top of of the plateau. So we had to climb back up the other side, 4 mile grade of 4-8% at mile 28. Tom set a long steady pace on the climb and then the young guys decided to attack him and split us up. It worked and I was off the back with one other rider. The finish the young guys jumped and took the remaining podium spots for the overall. Tom was 1st in 60+ and took the bonus money and I was 4th in Masters 50+.

Later in the day we had in 7 mile time trial that we had to use a regular road bike, no aero equipment. Tom got third overall, first in the 60+, I got first overall, first in the 50+. We both picked up some good points for TBRA point series, Tom has a commanding lead in 60+ and I am in second place in the 50+ series.

By Tim Taylor