Cedar Hill Criterium 2014

March 30 – Madison, TN

Tom Gee Wins Masters 60+!!

Patrick Andre and Randy McKinnon take 1&3 in Masters 40+!

Race Report

Patrick Andre and I raced the Masters 40+ Sunday morning. The temp was around 45 but the sun was out and the wind was light and not a factor. The course is a 1.2 mile closed circuit around Cedar Hill Park. There are a few mild hills and 2 turns on a good road, making a really nice race course.

The race took the first lap pretty fast and then settled down to a controlled pace for the first few laps with some accelerations but nothing getting away, in typical Masters race fashion. We had a field of over 30 so I tried to stay in the front half at all times and moved up going into the turns. Half way around with 3 laps to go a group of around 8 made a hard acceleration and gapped the main field momentarily. Patrick was in the break so I moved to the front and held position without doing any work to close the gap. The front of the field came around and I held my position as the break was caught. Everyone settled in waiting on the last lap. I saw a couple of MOAB team guys moving around the left and thought that would be the winning move. Everyone stayed patient until the last small climb about 300 meters from the finish. The MOAB duo went, Patrick was near the front and went with the move. I sprinted through the middle, couldn’t get to the front but passed several guys before the line to get 9th overall and 3rd in the 40+. Patrick went hard and finished 4th overall and 1st in the 40+. Tom Gee finished in the sprint finish and was 1st in the 60+. A nice finish to the season’s first criterium.

Richard, Patrick and I raced the 4/5 race. I was spent and Richard was racing well but got caught behind crash and had to go off roading to stay up. Patrick looked great and sprinted for 2nd.

Patrick was in good position in the 3 /4 race until he had a flat tire and crashed in turn one on the bell lap. He was ok, but I’m sure he’s feeling a few stings today.

by Randy McKinnon