Clarksville Sunrise Century Bike Tour – August 31st

The object of this flat tour is to ride 100 miles as fast as you can. No rest, just gas On till you blow. Our goal was to be under four hours. The tour record is three hours and 44 minutes.

Randy, Octavio, and Tim rode with the elite pack. There were about 35 riders that started and for the first 50 miles we averaged 26 1/2 to 27 miles an hour. It was a high-speed paceline cruising the back roads of Tennessee and Kentucky. Several riders were shot out of the back and not seen again. If you came off a wheel basically couldn’t get back in line fast enough to catch the draft.

The second 50 miles we turned into the wind and the strong guys went to the front and started to put surges at 30+ miles per hour. My computer showed that I was over 400 Watts multiple times during the last portion of the ride. If you’re conditioning, food, and hydration was off you did not last in the dwindling pack.

The best finishing time was three hours and 55 minutes, our group finished from four hours 10 minutes to 4 hours and 35 minutes. It was a super day to hammer 100 miles at speeds that the professionals cruise.

by Tim Taylor