Crankenstein 100 mile Team Time Trial

Casstown OH


Team 1st lap 2014

Crankenstein 100 is a unique event where three teammates ride a portion of the 100 miles. I was able to ride for Ft. Wayne Outfitters team, part of their Co-Ed Road Bike category to a first place ride of 4 hours 31 minutes.  This was a switch from time trial bike to road bike at the last moment to help win the different categories they targeted.  Crankenstein promoter pays out half the entry money of each category and how you place the riders with like strengths is important.  Out of the 6 Outfitters teams entered 4 won, so our payout was good split between all of our riders.
Our first rider, Don C. did his 22 mile leg when the weather was calm and cool, he lost about 2 minutes from the first place team. Valerie D. rode the second leg and made up about 1 minute. I rode the third leg, past the first place guy and then he past me back and caught a draft from another team and held 26 MPH for about three miles.  Since there was a no draft rule I was hoping he burnt himself out. By the end of the second lap he was faltering. I came in even with the first place team and then all three of us went into the last 34 mile leg.  The sun had come out and it was about 85 degrees. I told Don not to bring me a water bottle and thought I could do the 56 mile total with one bottle.   Not a wise choice, I was borrowing the teammates bottles by the end.   We chased the first place team down on the first lap and past them at mile 73 and then they came back around us at mile 77.  We held them at about 100 – 200 yards and my plan was the last lap come by them with about one mile to go.

2014 CO ED Winners 4hr 31min

At mile 80 there was an intersection with us having the stop sign.  The other team made it through, but we had to stop for three cars.  It was a mental killer to see the we were now a quarter mile behind.  I told Valerie and Don to stay calm and don’t panic we could reel them back if we continued our rotations and focus.  Valerie dropped her water bottle and now Don was the only one with water and about 18 miles to go.  As we finished our second lap we had reeled in the first place team at about 100 yards and the plan was to stay there and breathe a little before making the final push.  Valerie was on the front and quickly closing on first place team, they had a team member that cramped, and we were by them. Not knowing the issue with the other team all of us put in some hard pulls to get separation.   Later we found out they had to stop for the cramping issue and finished 10 minute down to us.  Our winning time was 4 hours 31 minutes, winners of the Co-ed Road Bike category.