Crosswinds Classic 2014

Season Opener

March 1

Little Rock, AK

Hub City Bicycle – Lift Center Racing team had a show of force in Little Rock.


Masters Report!

The first local race of the year in the flatlands of middle Arkansas called Crosswinds Classic. It is a 52 mile road race and with 60 masters racers, the result was inevitable, a sprint. We had several teams with 5-6 racers like us. The speed was steady with a few breaks the first laps. Randy rode across to one which had a serious group that formed, but the packed reeled them in.  Toward the end of the next to last I rolled off with three others and we started to pull away.  One rider dropped off that left three of us rotating and driving the pace and getting about 300 meters. Two of the big teams were represented, Walmart was not.  I told them that we were going to have to work hard, one guy was soft pedaling a little and the OK Velo guy that was working hard ask me to just get him the finish. We were holding 25mph, but with 7 miles to finish, the pack, lead by Walmart team reeled us in. A few more small attacks didn’t work, we were going for a sprint finish.  At 400 meters to go we spread to the whole road and started the accelerations. The right side was banging people into the grass and the middle there was a carbon wheel destroyed.  The left side was plugged with guys running out of gas.  Bobby and Octavio shot the middle and moved to the front quarter of the pack to have a good finish.
The OK. Velo lead out train put 2 guys on the podium and Walmart punched the other bronze ticket.

by Tim Taylor