Crosswinds Classic-Little Rock, AK-February 28

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Hub City Bicycle/Lift Center Racing Set Standard for the 2015 Racing Season!

Georg hammers to victory!!


Richie Slagle – broke spoke … 🙁


Georg Pingen 1st

Alan Rothrock 2nd


David Pearcey 4th

Masters 40

Octavio Subia – 2nd

Masters 50

Bobby Hayne – 3rd

                      Tim Taylor – 6th

Cat 1-3.

15-30 minutes before the race I found out that the categories were combined. During the early part of the race I found myself stuck towards the back of the field with Alan and Richie closer towards the front. On the back side of the course (in the cross-winds) of lap one, all three of us moved towards the front of the field and I rode on Alan’s wheel while he closed a little gap. About 10 miles into the race (all 3 of us were towards the front of the field), a group of 3 Cat ½ racers jumped off the front and I was able to catch a wheel and join the group. Not sure how Alan and Richie’s ride progressed from there, except that they did a great job preventing the field from closing the gap to us! Richie unfortunately had spoke/wheel trouble. 


In the lead group I was certainly the weakest/least experienced link! For the next 45 miles we rotated pulls (15-30 seconds) and rode in a nice paceline, depending on the wind direction. I have to compliment the other guys for coaching me along and encouraging me to hang low for a few pulls in the rotation when I was struggling! The break was working extremely well with everyone putting in good and even efforts. During the first few laps we kept seeing the field about 30 seconds back, but towards the end we had a substantial lead and I was looking forward to bringing it home and watching the Cat ½ guys during the final sprint. That however, was not the plan. With 8 miles to go one of the guys started to attack. We kept things together for a little longer, but eventually the two strongest riders in our group went off the front with Evan East from Hincapie Dev Team/OKC Velo winning the race. I had to bury myself just to keep up with the 3rd guy. With 1 mile to go, he made a last ditch attempt to catch the other 2 guys and with the field nowhere to be seen, I did not worry about trying to stay with him.


My legs are still hurting. Certainly the hardest riding I have done. Thanks to Alan and Richie for keeping the other Cat 3’s off my back. From what I heard, Alan dominated the field sprint and got 2nd place in Cat 3.   Georg Pingen