Crunkity Crunk Crunk #2

Slagle and Rothrock recently participated in the race #2.  Here’s what Richie had to say…

I’m still waiting on some sloppy mudfest racing like cyclocross is known for, but until then I’m having a blast with Memphis’ cyclocrunk tuesday night series which has seen very mild autumn weather. Other than the contrasting weather conditions, the crunk races have been textbook cross racing fun. Victory bicycle studio, the guys that put on the race, debuted a new venue for us to take a crack at. Some knarly hillside switch-backs highlighted the new course. The tight, off-chamber 180’s proved to be quite challenging for us racers and equally entertaining for all the energetic spectators. Also providing laughs for the audience at hand were several costumed riders, including the contest winner a spanish wrestling masked, red body suit wearing cyclist jockeying for positions on a bike wrapped in christmas tree lights. Very cool stuff happening in midtown memphis. Only one more tuesday to go before the celebrating begins at Bosco’s (tab paid by Victory from race fees). Whether as a racer or spectator we recommend joining us this tuesday, Oct 23 for cyclocrunk’s last installment for the year. 

Slagle was able to grab a top 5 finish… while Rothrock had a sore face from perma-smile.