Espinazo Del Diablo RR

May 17 – Dover, TN (LBL)

Tom Gee Wins Masters 60+

Tim Taylor takes 3rd Masters 50+

Randy McKinnon gathered some TBRA points with 5th place Masters 40+

Patrick Andre and Octavio Subia grinded out a 7th & 10th in Cat4

Gib Morehead strong 10th in Cat5

Masters Race Report

Tom Gee, Randy McKinnon, and Tim Taylor competed in the Masters category at the Espinazo Del Diablo (Devil’s Backbone) 48 mile road race, Dover, TN. The race course was unique with 24 hills, some of them over a mile long through the beautiful Land Between Lakes by the fenced in bison and into Kentucky.

The race started out hard with a long downhill and then several steep up hills with the pace fairly high. The I AM team out of Nashville kept sending people on a break, one of them finally got away.

We were in the chase group that I thought was the full pack. Later I found out that the pack split on one of the earlier climbs and there was only a ten of us left and two of them where the I AM teammates of the guy that was upfront. That left eight of us to drive the pace to make the catch The pace was fairly high for the race, 21.6 mph with 3,200 ft. of climbing.

The finishing climb was painful, but it was good to finish such a punishing course on good equipment such as our Giant bicycles. Tom was 1st in Masters 60+, Randy 5th in Masters 40+ and Tim 3rd in Masters 50+.

by Tim Taylor