Espinazo Del Diablo (TN State RR Championship)

August 2, 2015

Dover, TN

Justin Lowe and Tom Gee bring home State Championship

in Cat3/Masters 60+ Respectively!!

Juniors Sweep Podium!

Race Report

The cat 3 state road race was a success, in multiple ways.. We perfectly executed a race plan, and ended up 1rst and 2nd!

In our last race as 3’s, the plan was for me to make the first 60 miles as hard as possible. I went at the line (literally) and ended up spending 84 miles off the front, until Justin completed a bridge at around mile 79, and we rode in together.

I attacked at the line, and held 350 watts for the first 15 minutes, and had 1 guy come with me, from IAM cycling, a teammate of one of the strongest guys. I pushed hard for the first 45 minutes and got about 2 minutes, then settled in. Realizing it was taking the pressure off the IAM team with him being with me, I left him at 2 hours, and drove it hard for another 45 minutes, getting the gap to over 5 minutes.

I then got to relax and ride pace, stop at the feed stations, fill my water bottles, a nip of coppenhagen, and enjoy the scenery a bit, and just rode the fast sections hard.

As planned, justin attacked at 65 miles, and thanks to the moto giving me splits, I knew he was coming. I sat up, and he joined me with somewhere around 5 miles to go (i only have power, cadence, hr, and time… no odometer on my race screen – its set for crits!) He showed up with another rider, so we pushed it some and then it was justin and I.

Felt great not just to podium, but to execute a race plan to perfection! Congrats to Justin on another W and a fancy jersey.

The team did great with podiums in multiple categories.. Coming to the end of a great season, and I guess our team is too strong to stay in the 3’s. Its time to move on to the elite masters and Pro12 ranks 🙂

by Alan Rothrock