Hell of the South 2015

April 11, 2015 – Berlin, TN

Masters Race Report

Bobby H., Joe L., and I raced the Masters field. 44 mile race, two laps of a course that half was on pig path to broken asphalt with 4-7 minute climbs. On the first lap , first climbs the group stayed together until we hit the worst road with the longest climb it tore the group to pieces. On the descent we hit 40 mph on basically gravel with some mud in the corners.
At the last big climb of the first lap I got tailed off and the group was organized and pulled away as we headed back to town. Bobby and Joe were just behind, but some traffic and course knowledge slowed them.

On the second lap I had 6 riders come up and we worked together , but the time gap was too much to get back to first group. Through the hills and pig path again nobody tried anything, so it came down to second pack sprint. I was second for overall placing of 7th on masters 50+, Joe was 7th masters 40+, and Bobby DNF’d with a mechanical.

by Tim Taylor


A view from Snake Creek Road.


Cat 4 Report

Yesterday, I raced HOS with 30- something other crazy guys. We started down Old Belfast Road, got about 3.5 miles in and BAM!—a wreck to my right and I took the grass, barely missing the electric fence holding in the horse with the extra-long hooves. Most of us recovered from the unnecessary mayhem. After the stinging Fordenberg ( Strava Segment), a two-man MOAB break went, leaving another MOAB rider on the front. I let it go for a couple of minutes and then bridged. We only had about a 20″ gap and we headed toward the Pig Hollow climb where the jersey cows were spectating. Unintentionally, I was first over the mile climb, which was steep. I drilled it to the highway at LUNA and the 2 MOAB riders had dropped off and were replaced by 2 others. As, we made the first hairpin on Snake Creek Road (AKA Pig Path, Goat Trail, etc). One rider was dropped, and 3 others joined. It was now a 5-man break and it would stay that way until the end. On down Snake Creek, we dodged riders who had flatted along with potholes, mud gravel, sticks, squirrels. We turned on the good pavement towards Lewisburg and continued onto the second lap. We had about a 2 minute gap and then stretched it to 4 minutes with about 10 miles to go. On the run in to the finish, Simon Lewis, with Village Volkswagen, attacked in the last 200 yards, and Randall Hoffpauir, with I AM, racing stayed on his wheel and caught Simon at the line. I hit the last 200 yards without much “pop” and I took 4th.

By David Piercey