Hub City Bicycle/Lift Center Racing 2nd and 3rd in Inaugural Memphis Velo Gran Fondo!

Memphis, TN – September 14th

Rocktavio takes Second!!

Patrick Andre in his first outing representing Hub City Bicycle/Lift Center Racing takes a strong Third!

Race Report!

Last weekend I had the opportunity of competing in the inaugural Memphis grand fondo. Me and my team mates, Eddy Koonce and Andre Patrick, line with 30 other riders for a 70 mile race. The the first 10 miles were relatively slow, until two 901 riders attacked and opened a gap. Everything started to get more intense. Jonathan Korzekwa pushed the pace with the help of a couple of BPC and Hub City riders. After the second steep hill, only 12 riders were left in the group. My teammate Andre Patrick got dropped twice on the hills but he managed to bridge back, very impressive. About 20 miles from the finish line, Korzekwa pulled away from the last 7 riders and we never saw him after that. One K to the finish line, a 901 rider had a mechanical problem, so only 6 riders were left in the group for the final sprint. The last 200 meters, Todd Hickman from team 901 was in front, behind him was Todd Lang, I was behind Todd Lang, and beside me was Andre Patrick. Suddenly the roads split and the BPC rider went right, when a left turn should have been made. When we were 50 meters away from the finish line and Todd Hickman won first, I got second, and Andre Patrick got third. And if you’re wondering what happened with Korzekwa, the solo rider, he made a wrong turn. This was a well organized event with good food and beer. I recommend it.

by Octavio Subia