Johnson City Omnium Race Reports!

The road race started out smoothly with some accelerations but nothing that appeared to be serious attacks. The first two climbs were pushed some but I managed to stay in the lead group to the base of the climb this year. The main climb started without attacks but more of a steady pace. There is not much anyone can do through this section but ride at what your body will allow and try to pace it. My heart rate hovered around 170 to 175 and occasionally down to 165 which allowed me to make a few accelerations and pick off a few places. I kept two guys in my race in my sights at 1000m to go but never got around them. Overall a great race on a really nice section of road up Roan Mountain.

My legs were definitely feeling the Roan Mtn efforts when I hit the small time trial climb. My Garmin was dead so I had no idea of speed but just went with what I had. I did manage to shave a few seconds off of last year’s time but not what I was hoping.

My crit race was bad from the start when I could not get my right cleat to lock in. After fidgeting with it all the way through the first turn I was almost all the way at the back of the field. The race started fast and course has so many turns that by half way through the first lap the leaders were 2-300 meters away. The field got split into 2 main groups and I was left in a group of 3 trying to catch the chasing group. I had a strong workout but not much else. I looked at the end of the race and realized my cleat was actually broken and worn a lot more than I had realized.

Results in my age were RR-12th, TT-7th, Crit-16th.

by Randy McKinnon


Race report:

I came to Roan Mountain hoping for a better result than last year when I finished the race in 8th place for the 60 + masters and almost lost the TBRA championship.  This time I came in better form as I had no trouble staying with the lead group over the first two category 4 climbs leading up to the main climb of Roan Mountain.  As we hit the main climb I faded early and thought this was going to be a long day.  Tim and Randy were up the road as were four of my age group competitors.  Experience has shown that riding within your capabilities early is a better strategy than going out too hard.  I settled into a rhythm and began to pick up riders until we had a decent group.  Gradually another 60+ from Ashville and I shed each of our group until we began the final 1k.  Unfortunately I let him gain about 20 yards to the finish.  It wasn’t until then that I realized I was sprinting for second.  I was very pleased with this effort given my poor climbing in the past.

The time trial was a 3 mile effort with a climb.  Again I finished third but managed to beat all of the other Tennessee riders plus the guy who bet me on the climb earlier.  This gave me good position in the omnium and TBRA points.

The criterium started out fast with about 35 masters. At the end of the first lap I flatted and Tim, Randy and Bobby all had to dodge me as I tried to get to the pit.  After taking my free lap, I spent the next three or four laps trying to get my heart rate under control and closing gaps as guys were shed from the pack.  During the last quarter of the race I really felt good and was closing gaps at will and thought I could beat Ron Wilson the only other 60+ in the pack.  Coming into the sprint I decided to stay on his wheel and try to come around at the finish.  In retrospect I should have led him out and would have beaten him.  The result was second in the crit and second in the omnium.  A great result for the weekend for me.

by Tom G.


Let the other guys report their rides. I pre-road the Roan Mountain RR 8 mile climb Friday and I think it took some zap out of the legs. So this was another learning experience. The first 21 miles are warm up for the long climb. Gearing is the key issue.  Getting a comfortable pace and hold it for the climb. My power didn’t work and so I went with heart rate from 158-174bpm for the climb.

Time trial was a little over 3 miles 200 yds then climb for 3/4 mi and descend the back side, spin out till the finish. Basically you go wide open till you puke. I didn’t, so I didn’t go hard enough. 8:58 was my time a couple second off 2nd place.

Criterium was a good course with one corner that gave me fits all day. Being the first of the year I didn’t get aggressive just kind of patrolled the back of the pack and try to help Tom get his Omnium points. The Cat3 criterium was about the same, but we had guys coming off each lap and they would just quit. I got shelled and pulled after 25 minutes.

Won a little cash in the Crit and had a fun weekend with the team! Here is my results: 50+ results RR 12, TT 3,  Crit 3, Overall Omnium 4th,  Cat3 crit 25th

by Tim Taylor