Memphis Velo Crank-it-Up – XC

Herb Parsons Lake, Fisherville, TN – April 27

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Murph Wins His First and Only Mtn Bike Race!

Gib Morehead takes 3rd in Cat1 Race!


So after borrowing the shop demo mountain bike I did the Mtn bike club ride on Thursday to prepare for my first ever Mtn bike race which was today.


I met Darren this morning in Memphis and we did the race skills camp that BPC put on. We picked up quite a few good tips this morning. Then this afternoon I met up with Gib over at herb parsons for a Mtn bike time trial. I rode a few practice laps following Gib and he gave me lots of pointers on how to navigate the course.

Much to my surprise I was able to win the cat 3 race. I didn’t expect that! It was a nice surprise!

by Richard Murphy
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