Middle Tennessee Feels Hub City-Lift Center Racing Team’s Presence!

May 3 – Nashville, TN


Halcyon Bike Shop Criterium

Tim Taylor, Tom Gee, Patrick Andre and I raced the Halcyon Bike sponsored crit today. Tim, Tom and I hit the Masters race at 8:30. Tom finished 1st in the 60+, Tim 5th in the 50+, I was 4th in the 40+. Tim followed that up immediately with a 13th in the elite masters.

Patrick and I raced the 4/5. Patrick finishing 3rd from a break away (2nd cat 4) and I finished in the chase at 12th (11th cat 4). Patrick followed that immediately with a 2nd in the 3/4 race (1st cat 4).

Beautiful weather and another great race day!

by Randy McKinnon

Race Report

You missed a great weekend at the race in Nashville. The course was four corners and one 5% Hill climb per lap with the finish halfway up the climb. I think our lap time was about 1min 42sec/lap. Tom, Randy, and I all had great races. But I wanted to mention Patrick’s races, he did a 4/5 race and then the 3/4 race back to back. Both he was in the breakaways. The 3/4 race he caused the break to happen in the first few laps. At first there was six of them and then the hill whittled them down to five. Three quarters of the way through the race Patrick attacked several times on the hill and dropped two more people. Now he was left with two cat3 riders and himself for the finish. The course marshall’s were pulling riders each lap and the pack was going hard because of the gear of getting pulled. With three laps to go the three of them LAPPED the small field that was left on course. The field then hooked onto them and didn’t let them go till 1/2 lap before the finish. Going up the hill for the finish Patrick ripped up the middle and had one of his CAT3 companions beat him.

Lapping a field is a pinnacle in any racer’s portfolio and a fantastic day on the bike.

Big congrats from me!

by Tim Taylor