Music City Crits

Due to a conflict at the Nashville Speedway, this Sunday Music City Crit had to be moved to the Dell parking lot, which included some tight corners and a hill.

The day started with the Juniors’ 9-14 race. Zach Lowe was able to race for the first time this season after suffering a fractured wrist a few weeks ago. Jake Pingen also participated in the race. Two of the older juniors took off early, leaving Jake, Zach and another 11-year-old to ride together, taking turns pulling. Eventually Jake and Zach were able to drop the other rider and worked together to finish the race. Jake finished 3rd and Zach finished 4th.

The next race with participants from Lift Center Racing was the Masters 35+ Race. Georg Pingen and Justin Lowe lined up for this one. Georg secured a preen with the help of a good leadout from Justin. Georg and Justin finished 5th and 6th in the race, respectively (3rd and 4th in their category.

The kids got in on the action, too, with a special kids’ race for children 8 and under. The kids got to race for one lap around the crit course. Jonah Pingen raced hard and crossed the finish line first. John Luke rode all the way around on a Strider bike and finished strong.

Georg Pingen and Christian Madrid lined up for the Cat 3/4 race. With a lot of strong racers, a group pulled off the front early, slowly dropping riders until only 8 were left in the front group, including Georg. The top 8 lapped the rest of the field and then the group of 8 split in half, leaving only 4 riders out front. After one rider suffered a mechanical issue with 7 laps to go, the top three were left to battle it out. Georg finished 3rd.

For the final race of the day, Justin Lowe started with the Cat 1/2/3’s but called it quits early after the group made it clear that it was going to be a crazy fast race.