Oak Ridge Velo Classic 2015

July 25-26

Oak Ridge, TN

Hub City Lift Center Racing Explodes in OVC!

Octavio Subia 1st Omnium/2nd Crit/3rd RR Masters 45-49

Rothrock State Championship Crit Cat3/3rd Elite Masters

Justin Lowe 2nd Elite Masters

Junior Results!!

RR Zach Lowe 1st Taylor Murphy 3rd

TT zach 2nd Taylor 3rd

CRIT zach 1st Taylor 2nd

Visit www.tbra.org for complete results!

Race Report!

Randy, Octavio, and I have been working together pretty hard to ensure Octavio stays on the top position for the TBRA Points competition. So far we have planned well and executed those plans flawlessly.

Saturday morning we lined up at 1115 for the start of the Masters 40+ road race in Oak Ridge. The temp was already 85 by the time we rolled out, as I was making final checks to make sure I had everything I needed, I noticed I forgot all my food just as we started rolling. So one can imagine what was going through my mind knowing I had to be there for my teammate and having to go over that climb twice. Anyway back to the task at hand, I stayed up front to the first part of the climb and up and over, no problems. Down the big hill my Garmin would later show my top speed of 49 mph, a super fast downhill. A couple of guys rolled of the front and held steady at about 10 seconds on the group for a few miles but they were quickly gobbled back up. I finally located Randy and got one gel, I hoped it would be enough. We hit the feed zone and Zack Lowe handled me a bottle of water which was a welcome refreshment. Back to work, the pace picked up on the way to the second climb, I found myself caught about half way back in the pack. Moving up was hard to do this time. Everyone was protecting their position. This climb is not difficult but with the slowing to almost stopped to make the sharp right hand turn any momentum one would normally carry is lost so it’s an all out effort. Up and over this time the climb was more difficult but again no problem, stayed in contact and now the work begins. I started trying to work my way back up front, everyone was really holding onto their position and moving was difficult. Their was a sharp right turn and I nailed it on the right side and moved up front. For a second I thought about trying to get a break started but just settled in behind Tony Adair. I would stay up front until the end of the race. Everything was going as planned. A MB rider actually tried to talk me into trying to escape, but I knew we could never stay away. He went and was quickly reeled back in. We made the turn to head to the finish, I think about 2 miles to go, still up front things started getting chaotic as always seems to happen at this point in the race. I held my position, finished off my bottled and tightened my shoes. Last year the group stayed bunched up until 500 meters before the finish, which made the finish difficult. We decided to string out the group before then, so after the right turn at the tracks I attacked with everything I had and got a gap. It was a slight up to the next turn and I heard another rider come up to me. I railed the turn and back on the gas giving it everything I had. At 500 meters my legs were like concrete, engine blown. The group came flying by and I saw Randy and Octavio there. Not sure what happened after that but Octavio got on the podium for 3rd place and finished ahead of Solomon who has been slowly creeping up on him for second in the points race.

by Joe Lambert