Outdoor’s Inc Midsouth Cyclocross Championship

So that’s what a real cross race feels like? 50 minutes is no joke. The Outdoors Inc. race felt like an eternity compared to the 20ish minute crunk races. Ears ringing, jaw clinched and sore, I finished utterly exhausted. Cyclist eat that stuff up, right? Nothing like a little trip to the pain cave, ha! We had an excellent venue in sunny Memphis. The course zig zagged its way up and down the bluffs of Mud Island, right next to the mighty Mississippi River. Ol’ Black Water is personally one of my favorite things about Memphis; such an awesome (in the truest sense of the word) landmark for our nation. Mark Twain’s ‘Life on the Mississippi’ and ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Fin’ are two of my favorite American classics. But we were talking about a bike race right? Back to that. Alan and I warmed up together and discussed team kits. I’m excited about all our new sponsors and looking forward to the new threads! We both raced the A race with the big dogs. Those guys are impressive. The winner was former Memphis resident Rus Griffin who currently lives and trains in Colorado if I am not mistaken. Jackson local, Matt Joiner also had a very strong showing. I’m looking forward now to the off season and getting in that much needed base mileage. Our captain, Dr. Rothrock is doing a stand up job as motivational leader. Keep up the good work buddy!