Rockabilly Combined Masters/Cat4 Report

Road Race

The masters 40+ lined up under cloudy sky’s with me, Eddy Koonce, Tom Gee, Tim Taylor, Bobby Haynes, Benji Case, and Joe Lambert in the field.  Just after the neutral rollout the rain started and fell hard.  A few early attacks went with Tim coverimg.  Half way around the first lap an SVMIC guy rode off the front and quickly had a 2-300 meter gap. This gap maintained for a while until two other SVMIC guys slowed the pace. A few attempts to pick up the pace went but nobody would work to maintain anything significant. I took a pull fairly long pull and nobody came through. I decided not to pull around the field and eventually let the SVMIC guys back up. Tim, Joe, and Benji tried to get something started but SVMIC threw in more blocks and would not let anything stay organized. The gap continued to go until it was clear we were not going to catch. The pack settled in and rode the remainder at a reasonable pace.  When we hit the stright section Bobby moved to the front and took a hard dig ramping up he pace. I was in good position sitting 5-6th wheel on the right side.  Bobby pulled to around 300-400 meters and the SVMIC guys stopped pedaling in the middle of the road.  The move was to the left at the 200 mark.  The guy in front of me (#799) was throwing elbows and head butting a guy trying to move up the right side. I was not going to be next so I setteled behind 799 and finished 19th (10th in my age).

Crit Race

The Masters Crit race lined up at 8:30 with a field of 31 including me, Joe Lambert, Eddy Koonce, and Tom Gee.  The course was dry and clean and was pretty easy to move around.  Once again, one guy was off the front early.  I was in the middle of the field as we rolled pretty hard and I thought he was reeled back in.  (Lesson here is a short course makes it easy to hide…several others I talked to didn’t know he was away)  The race stayed pretty organized throughout with a few attacks that were quickly brought back.  Joe made a hard effort in attempt to bridge to the disappearing guy, I later learned.  No later attacks were staying away so I sat in and sprinted through the finish for 12th overall and 7th in my age.

Crit #2

The Cat 4 race was at 1:30 so despite my running around all day helping Matt and Yoshida as needed I felt ready to double up.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lot to say about this one except this was a fun race since the crowd was around and pumped up after the Cat 3 and Pro1/2 races.  I felt good and was able to move around pretty much where I wanted or needed to be.  The field slowed at the top of the back climb and at the base of the front climb every lap.  I decided to go at the base of the front hill and push it down the back side at around 15 minutes in.  As luck would have it, I went for the break and opened a gap across the finish line and heard the announcement of a prime lap.  I thought this was terrible timing to try to get away so I went through turns 2 and 3 safely and fell back into 5th or 6th wheel though the rest of the lap thinking I would get a breath and go again.  A couple of laps later around turn 2 I felt and herd something that sounded like I flatted and somebody yelled something.  I slowed and looked but didn’t see a flat but cautiously went around turn 3 trying to figure out what happened.  While I was looking, the pack had opened a gap.  I eased around turn 3 and then went 3 laps hard trying to get it back but wasn’t making much ground.  I let up and rode a few more laps and with 6 to go I pulled out.  I later learned that someone rubbed my rear wheel in the turn hard enough to move my rear end out.  I got paranoid and was convinced something was wrong but didn’t know what it was or what had happened.

by Randy McKinnon