Rockabilly Maters Report

Masters RR

We started with a field of 37 riders. I got good position near the front on the pack at the start. The plan was to watch SVMIC and pretty much let them pull us to the line and try to get them in the final few kilometers. At mile 1.5, it started raining on us, the first round of the first climb after turn 1, was pretty easy not hard at all and the first lap went with out incident. On lap two again the climb was easy, no attacks and everyone was content on sitting in. After turn 2 I noticed a rider off the front a ways up the road. I later found out it was an SVMIC rider and no one seemed to care and let it go. Randy made his way to the front and pushed the pace but got no help from any of the other teams. Later we decided to try and break it up and start a pace line to chase him down. Tim, Benjie, and I went to the front and started the paceline and a few other riders joined us but them again it started to slow down and SVMIC got on front again. I’m jumping up and down over this and no one wanted to work. What’s a guy to do with no help? I knew a bridge would not work, I tried it on the third lap, no way, they chased me down. So I got back in the pack and stayed close to the front and decided to settle for second. With 1K to go the pace picked up, I was in the front ten riders, around 600 meters Bobby Haynes got around and hit the front and drove the pace up to 32mph, I was sitting 5th wheel this time, and thinking perfect situation. He started to fade around 400 meters and when he pulled to the right the three riders in front of me spread across the road to the left and sit up! You got to be kidding me! I was yelling, everyone behind me was yelling. I was blocked in and couldn’t go anywhere, I even tried to force my way through. Didn’t get anywhere.  I should have attacked at 400 meters, I believe I could have held them off. Another unfortunate lesson learned. I ended up 20th. Tom Gee got the highest finish, 14th. Randy McKinnon was 19th. Benjie Case finished 23rd, Tim Taylor 26th, Bobby Haynes finished 30th, and Eddy Koonce 33rd.


The time trial went a lot better. I had practiced on this course a few times so I knew the course well. I started out in the small chain ring and forced myself to start out slow and build. I also had a nice tailwind for the first 3 miles. It was easy to hold 27, then up and over the first small rise and through the first hard left. I never got out of the drops and carved through the turn and stayed in the center of the rode. There was a couple of rollers and I started to pick it up, at the farm right before the last turn right this is the three mile mark and I set my sites on my 30 sec guy and picked him off easily. I made the right turn onto the final leg of the course. This road is pretty rough chip seal. I nailed the turn in the drops again, I never came out of them, and pushed a little harder. There was about five rollers before the finish. I came through with 11:45 good enough for 5th place. One thing that I did different in this TT, was on the long straightaways I really concentrated on my cadence and drove it at 120rpm for a minute then recovered. I did this twice and it really helped. Tim Taylor and Tom Gee also competed and finished in 7th and 10th. Three of us in the top ten, not bad!


The Crit course around the Lift Center was brutal. First I will describe the course. It consisted of four turns and two steep hills. We started at the bottom of the first steep hill, turn 1 was a right turn onto a short street and then turn 2 onto a winding down hill to the second steep hill, before turn 3, after turn three there is a steep downhill and then a sharp right-hand turn into the final stretch, which would prove to be a lot of riders demise. Then the long straightaway back to the first steep hill, the finish line located at the top of that hill. At the gun, One rider from Moab went off the front and stayed away for the whole race. I tried to bridge on the second lap but was caught. That stunt hurt! There was literally no time to recover on this course, it absolutely hurt. I stayed in the pack and tried to get somewhat recovered, that never happened. I did what I could to get up front for the sprint but I could never recover in this race. Ended up 16th and was glad it was over. Randy, Tom and Eddy competed in this race. They finished 12th, 17th, and 28th. Randy did real well staying up front considering the hard efforts on each lap.

by Joe Lambert