Slagle Rips the Greenway Half October 14, 2012

Had a hard time rolling out of bed Sunday morning (5:45am) with the rain and wind howling outside my window, not to mention the sun hadn’t made its daily arrival yet. A growling stomach dragged me to the kitchen for my pre-race oatmeal, peanut butter and nutella concoction. Dressed and out the door and I am still seeing no sign of clear weather. I made it to the race with plenty of time but there would be no warm up. I think the weather was at its worst right before the start. Standing on the start line, cold and drenched, I’m asking myself, “why am I here?” Finally the race begins, all the doubt leaves me and I’m in my element. It’s time to grind! I hit the first few miles faster than planned and had to really evaluate how well the legs felt in order to decide if this would be the pace I keep or if I should back off. Its never easy to back off when you have guys in front of you that you know you can hang with, so I kept the legs turning. The rain had stopped by now but the wind was still pretty strong. I made the strategic decision to wait out the group of 5 I was with to see if anyone would crack under the pace and conditions. I had no desire to throw down any major surges in pace. Fortunately for me the strategy more or less worked and I found myself in 4th place by mile 7 or so. 1st place was way out of sight but 2 and 3 were within 100yds of me. I had to dig deep to keep the pace through the last 3rd of the race, remembering all too easily that I’m not “a runner”. The happiest note of the day was realizing around mile 10 that 3rd place was within striking distance. I put my head down and slugged it out with the wind to reel in the runner ahead of me. I passed on a hill with 2 miles to go, ouch. As an athlete, the most demoralizing thing that can happen to you is get re-passed by someone you passed earlier. Using that as motivation to keep going and not let that happen, I made my final kick for the finish line, ouch again! I rolled through the finish line with a smile on my face. It was a good day for a run after all.

Finish time: 1:27:04

3rd Overall, or 1st in 25-29 age group

Nike Lunarglide 4’s
Mountain Hardware wicked lite S/S
Brooks sherpa 2 in 1 shorts
Injinji mini-crew socks
Fleet Feet Memphis trucker hat
Orange Gu Roctane