Tiger Lane Crit #1

TigerLaneSeriesApril 2

Memphis, TN – Liberty Bowl Stadium

The Tiger Lane Crit Series kicked off it’s first of four races, sponsored by Team 901. It is a premiere spring racing event in West Tennessee that gives area riders a benchmark of fitness and race readiness for the upcoming season.  The venue at Liberty Bowl stadium is one of the best laid out, safest, and well put on events around these parts much to the credit of the folks at Team 901 and kudos to the local cycling community in Memphis and to the supporters that come out for the series. It is a very affirming environment for the sport at all levels of proficiency.

TigerLane1.1The threatening weather held off precipitation and riders were left to contend with a 20+mph southernly wind that accelerated cyclist toward the finish line after the last turn.   The segment of the crit that headed into the wind after the second turn was ravaged by a current of air that seemed to pick up speed by the  funneling effect of the stadium structure.  As a result all three races were splintered and obliterated any hopes of a pack sprint finish for a chance on the podium.

In the Cat4 race David Piercey rode very strong and survived in a breakaway of six about midway through the crit to the finish and pulled out 5th place.


In the Cat 1/2/3 the field was strung out all over the course.  Initially Scott Newberry soloed away for several early laps before being reeled in by Richie Slagle and a Marx and Bensdorf contingency in a well executed break that stayed away for the remainder of the race.

Eventually Bryant Funston rode away and finished well ahead of the second place finisher.