Tiger Lane Crits – Week 4

The juniors represented last night at the Tiger Lane Crits. Both Taylor and Jake lined up in their first CAT5 men’s race. I lined up with them since it was a combined cat 4/5 field. My goal was to help them stay with the main field but didn’t know what to expect since I haven’t ridden my bike but six times since November. Jake hung on for a lap but it was too much and with the high winds he got popped off the back. I had Taylor on my wheel, and we were sitting good about mid pack until about lap six when two guys crashed in front of us going into turn one.  We avoided the crash but a large gap opened up between us in the main field. And this happened right into the headwind section. I accelerated, but Taylor couldn’t hold my wheel. So I got behind him and pushed him for about two laps trying to bridge back up to the main group. We passed a few other guys who had gotten dropped as well but could never get back to the main group. I was spent at that point and gave him one last shove and told him he was on his own. He didn’t give up and held on until about three laps to go when they pulled him. 

–Richard Murphy

Additional results:

Georg Pingen took 5th in the 3/4 race.

Richie Slagle and Georg Pingen raced hard before giving in to an overwhelming storm of Marx-Bensdorf riders and a real storm.