Versailles TT 20k Oct 13, 2012

TTs in Ohio this time of year are always interesting. The weather is cold and windy. We had one of the ingredients, WIND. Wind advisories issued, 40-50 mph gusts. This was an  out and back 20k course, the way out your nose was in the wind and on the back it pushed  us. I did the TT twice for my old teammates. They needed points in this series to win the team competition. They did, plus won the overall with a time of 26:40. I did the 1-2 race and 50+, got 5 th and 9th.  The wind was fun on the way back, I was spun out, going 35+ mph through these little towns and intersections, bike moving because of the wind coming around houses. One gust moved me from the side line to the middle of the lane, wild. Big smiles and drool flying. One of the racers got a full ride, when he was lifted in a turn and sailed. He didn’t have any injuries , but a bent pedal.

This was the last race of the year for the series, so the promoter was emptying his Swag and gave out some great prizes.  A new Jamis TT frame! We try to tell the girl that won it that it was too big for her and trade, but she was holding it tight.